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martin_chuckMartin Chuck, PGA professional, IMPACT ZONEā„¢ Instructor, is also the inventor of the Tour Striker Training Products and can be found at his Tour Striker Golf Academy at The Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, AZ Martin Chuck, PGA, Impact Zone Golf Certified Instructor, inventor of the Tour Striker Training Products and coach of the Tour Striker Golf Academy | | 541.948.2480

Martin Chuck has been coaching golf for over 25 years. Taught by the famous Canadian ball striking legend, George Knudson, Martin has honed his craft with the best in the game. His is the inventor of the wildly successful Tour Striker training products. His teaching experience has been formed from studying under some of the best in the game, including; George Knudson, Ben Kern, Mark Evershed, Ben Doyle, Mike LaBauve, and many more.

Find Martin at AZ, Phoenix – The Raven Golf Club – Phoenix | Phone: (541) 948-2480

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Tour Striker – Correcting Attack Angle And Club Path


Here is a great guy who had a problem slicing his driver due to a downward and leftward path at impact. Here is a simple drill, “Drag, Raise and Extend” to help you with ascent and path.

Tour Striker – Student Discussion: Club Path Corrections – Slice Path To Draw Path


This great guy came to visit me at He was a backswing lifter and with a flat-ish shoulder turn that got the club moving out and steep on the way down. With some hard work, he could become a fine player.

Tour Striker Transformation – Lesson With Trackman


Here is a nice fellow who complained about not being able to hit a draw. His impact data on Trackman showed a consistently leftward path with too much descent upon the ball. Subtle changes to his weight location and shoulder pitch helped his path and VIOLA, high draws.

Tour Striker – How The Face To Path Can Create A Strong Strike


Most people don’t understand the club face to path relationship that occurs during a golf swing. In this video, I hit a few balls at 75 mph with a 7 iron. What you will find is that the same club head speed can produce wildly different results as it relates to face and path. I hope this helps you hit strong shots or learn how to hit softer shots, if that is your goal.

Tour Striker Educator Training Video – How To Educate Your Hands To Play Great Golf


This is the “how to” video for my Tour Striker Educator. The Educator can be used in a variety of ways to help you feel the correct and incorrect motion of the wrists and hands during the swing and can be used for all shots from Driver to putter. Visit for more information.

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