vans golf shops

You can blame your clubs for all your bad shots or you can have them fixed and place the blame where it belongs, on your playing partners. Your choices for club sales and repairs are numerous here in the Valley of the Sun and we want to name a few to get you thinking about what you need to improve your game.

hot stix

If you are interested in high tech fitting you can schedule an appointment at Cool Clubs or Hot Stix in Scottsdale. This is only recommended for the truly serious golfer willing to invest heavily to beat his or her playing partners. $$$$

pga superstores

For Golfers wanting to get professional fitting or repairs, you can visit Golfsmith or PGA Superstores located throughout the Valley. Vans Golf Shops can fit or repair your equipment as well and may have used clubs that would fill the bill at a bargain. If you are looking to sell your clubs when you buy your new fitted clubs you can call Golfworks in Tempe and put them on consignment or have them fix them to keep as back ups in case the new sticks you buy start misbehaving.


If you are looking for closeouts on last year or discontinued model golf clubs the buzz is that located here in the valley is the online bargain center.


Our valley favorite for golf clubs is Karsten Manufacturing where Ping Golf Clubs are made and fitted. They have been helping Arizona Golfers play their best for over 50 years. They are located at 19th Ave. and Desert Cove.


If you are looking for the best in Golf Attire, look no further than Antigua Sportswear,located right here in the Valley of the Sun in Peoria, just off the 101 Fwy loop West at 84th Ave. Their owner Ron McPherson is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in golf, and their sportswear is perfect for our hot climate.

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